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I took night flight from Haneda to Vancouver on Tuesday, July 29. (Photo showing Vancouver islands when we began descending to YVR airport.It took over 9 hours and arrived  in rather “warm” Vancouver in the afternoon.

We were warned that the weather in Vancouver is quite “warm” and it was.  But no comparison with humid & hot weather in Tokyo. (You can tell from the photo showing people enjoying the sun outdoors.)

I drove first to the Whole Foods store to pick up a few things and then on to Whistler. I was fine though I had 3.5 hour sleep the night before and the aircraft I was on did not have flat bed in Business Class section. (It does make a difference particularly for the long haul.)  By the time I came close to Whistler, however, I started felling tired.

All in all, it took over 2.5 hours to drive over 120 km. But I arrived OK. As always I got food at grocery stores in Whistler–including many different kinds of fruits^mainly berries. After stocking with groceries, I felt settled and now the part 2 of my summer vacation starts.


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