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11782346_10153517229324172_1422162858874995137_oAfter spending a week in Tokyo where it is so hot and humid, I am back in Whistler, BC for the phase 2 of my summer vacation.
As I walked out at the Vancouver airport, I felt so refreshed. It is sunny, with temperature around 25-30 C during the day. (In the morning and evening, it goes down to teens.)
I hear that the day for Ironman Canada (July 26) was so cold and pouring rain in the morning that some dropped out of the race! Forest fire scare is not as severe as at the beginning of July.
11807270_10153518763019172_2714538250801816568_oI drove 150km to Whistler and arrived around 7:00 pm when it was still light. (It does not get dark until close to 10:00 pm) I even drove another 50km one way to play 18 holes of golf with my friends the next day.
I feel very refreshed and plan to spend the rest of my summer, doing reading, listening to music, maintaining my physical stamina through daily circuit training and outdoor activities, so that I get ready for the activities in the fall.

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