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As the weekend is over and people start the new week, it appears that more people are going to the office than last week. In the past several days, the number of infected has remained low and many seem to feel a bit relieved.  I hope that this status continues and hopefully, the restrictions may be lifted this week.

What I do NOT want to see is that people go back to the old work style, meetings with masks as only difference. As I have written on this blog and other places, I think we should use this semi-lock down with Covi-19 as the opportunity to revisit our work and lifestyle.

We have identified many that require new approach such as introduction of more digital infrastructure and tech skills for everybody, during the semi-lock down.  If we think we can go back to the old days, we will lose the best opportunity to renew ourselves, our lifestyle and our society.

We can resist this urge and can go on, making the best of our latent capability.  Are you ready to take on challenge?

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