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I came back to Narita  after a week’s stay in NYC.  I managed to get me upgraded to the first class on JAL flight (I have so many miles! and lately try to use them for long flights such as Tokyo-NYC.) It was very comfortable and I got some 4 hour sleep. I managed to finish the book “Factfulness” (Japanese translation I was given by the editor.) during the flight.  I also saw incredible ice from the window in the midway and took a photo as it was so lovely. (Photo did not come out that well.)

The face recognition for security check at the  airport  is so efficient that I went through quite quickly.  The airport was not too crowded, to my relief.  The sunset I saw around Narita was very lovely.

Now I am back to business as usual! making the best of long weekend.  It will be nice to get away from “border wall” fight I see in Washington…

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