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I came back home yesterday (Dec. 19)  after a week in NYC. It was quite cold (much colder than in Tokyo)and rainy -not snow! but there were many people in holiday spirits out shopping. NYC is always fun, but has nice air during the holiday season. (People go crazy with shopping, parties, etc. etc., but it gives you happy feeling.)

I went to several concerts (Billy Joel on the first night, Harry Potter in Concerts, the next day, Moulin Rouge on Saturday and Late Night Trio as well as Brandenburg concert on the last day!)  I spent time with friends and family.  I got nice presents, some of which I wore while in NYC!

I made a short iMovie (2 min.) with photo, video etc. I took there.  My voice over is in English, so you may be able to get a bit of a feel for my days in NYC. Here it is.

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