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After pending exciting and eventful 5 days in Brazil, I took a long flight back to Vancouver, via Newark.  It was 9 hour flight from San Paolo (leaving at 9:00 pm), and went through immigration and customs for the US (even few hour transit), I was onboard the 5 hour flight to Vancouver.  The slight was quite smooth and I read the book “Super Powers” by Kindle.  (I watched two movies on the flight to Newark-41:documentary of 41st US President, George H. Bush and Comedy “Blended family.”)

When I arrived at Vancouver, I could feel the cry cool wind. I rented a car and drove 2.5 hours to Whistler.  I did not stop over at Whole Foods or Starbucks at Squamish which I usually do.  I wanted to come back, as I needed to pick up groceries, my golf bag and suitcase I left, AND checked in at the place I rented from friend. (the one I stayed in July.) I was naturally a bit tired, but got laundry done, cooked my usual salad of arugula, mini tomato and prawn cake with a glass of white wine.  I felt settled and relaxed (though I am not quite finished with unpacking).  It is totally different from San Paulo which is a big city with many cars and meeting/presentation/visit with many people.  It is so quiet and nature is so close here in Whistler.   I will be here another week and plan to relax before I leave for Tokyo.

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