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Now I am back at Narita airport lounge, leaving in less than an hour to get out of the country again. This time, it will be a warm place, unlike New York and Boston a few days ago.

Over the past two days I was in Tokyo, I felt I accomplished what I had planned. I had a wonderful time with ICS students yesterday, over full course lunch (instead of Dim Sum, to our regret!) and the show CATS in Yokohama.  I visited my parents in Yokohama to celebrate my dad’s 88th birthday with cake and dinner.

I also managed to finish the draft of the paper in English, went into the office today to leave a bottle of champagane/wine with a small card for ICS staff who have helped me over the course of the year.  I went through the mail which has been accumulated over a week I was away.

Now I am having beer on tap, watching the planes at the Narita airport.  I love flying and I love airport at night. It is so relaxing to enjoy a drink while watching planes go by. (I have decided to forget about one more article I need to review for now!)

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