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have been many articles, seminars, books etc. on 100-year life. It appears that all of a sudden people realize that our traditional concept of retiring at 65 or so does not hold any longer. Demographic trends analysis and the prospect of longevity have been around for some time, but many of us seem to have thought that it is distant issue.
I am one of baby boomer generation (Taichi Sakaiya, former minister and author who introduced the Japanese term ”Dankai no Seda” describing baby boomers、 just passed away.) and have realistic view of longevity.
100 year life written by Lynda Gratton and Adam Scot a few years ago emphasized the importance of intangible assets, in addition to tangible (i.e. financial) asset for the 100-year life. As I really liked the book, I have tried to develop intangible assets-productivity asset, vitality asset and transformational asset. For productivity asset, I take up programming/coding since last year and feel that my horizon has expanded. At the same time, I feel I have found something I really enjoy. (see our website)
For vitality asset, my daily workout routine continues and I workout probably 360 days of a year! As a part of this effort for vitality asset, I continue Aikido class. (Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m.) My goal is to continue Aikido class, and not try to proceed. (After all, I started Aikido almost a decade ago and am happy just to continue. At one point, I went to class Saturday and Sunday (Saturday with high school students) and realized that it was simply too much. So my goal now is to continue with basic class. Some of my stories are included in my new paperback.(in Japanese only,)
In the same way with programming, I do enjoy Aikido class, though I am so SORE after the class and for few days.

As I came across with the book 100-year life only few years ago, I tell myself that continuing learning new things and keeping physical stamina is good enough. For transformational asset, I think I have been very fortunate that I have been given various opportunities to join diverse network and get to know people in different fields.
So with Taichi Sakaiya gone, I will continue my journey as one member of Dankai no Sedai. I want to convey the message that developing intangible assets can lead to fun, no matter how hard it sometimes seems.  I strongly recommend that young people start planning while they have a whole life ahead of them, but for baby boomer generation, my message is to take action for productivity, vitality and transformational asset development, it will make your life more fun and refreshing.

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