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Leaving late at night on Monday, December 17, with almost completing the move etc., I arrived in Kauai.  It is a different world–warm, though gusty, close to nature, where people are so relaxed and friendly- making me feel that I am away from home, but home away from home.  (I have a time share and come every December over the past decade or so.)

Despite the lack of sleep on the flight and waiting on line for a long time to go through securities at the airport, I FEEL relaxed, though exhausted.

I get to watch news on TV which  is full of news  of mass killing in Connecticut and now of the legacy of Senator Daniel Inoyue (who is from Hawaii, who passed away today).

I  have a very different perspective when I am here.  It has become annual retreat for me where I reflect on the past year, plan the new year, etc. at home away from home.  I have quite a few to reflect this time, and probably the opportunity to do something different.

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