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As I wrote before,  Avatarin has been launched and recently the basic agreement with Sony AI has been concluded.  I interviewed Akira Fukabori, CEO of Avatara, Kevin Kajitani, COO and Chalis CTO on Monday.  We uploaded th video interview in English yesterday, but here is the one in Japanese, in case you want to watch Japanese version.

It is about 13 minutes, and the first 10 minutes, Akira talks about how Avatarin has been “benefited”? from Covid 19 as many people start realizing the value of Avatar as platform.  i.e. Major ,mind shift they needed to make the concept known widely among the public has been done in the wake of Covid19..

The last 5 minutes of the video shows how Akira see the value of Global Agenda Seminar series and what kind of opportunities it offered to Akira in his endeavor to engage in initiatives to do something to make the world better place.

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