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IMG_9486 Yesterday, I attended Australia Day in Spring reception at the Australian embassy.  I have had several occasions lately to be invited to the Australian embassy for the discussion with the Minister, Journalist etc. but it was the first time I went to the spring reception. (I believe I have been invited before, but the dates did not work.)

IMG_9472I was very much looking forward to the reception and meet with the Ambassador and others.  Though it was raining in the morning and cold, it cleared up by the time reception began.

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and lovely.  The food (beef, lamb, seafood,huge tuna, cheese) and drinks (wine, beer, you name it!) was fantastic.  I sampled variety of foods and even tried crocodiles (stayed away from kangaroo).  Though it was a bit chilly, the experience was fabulous.

I talked briefly with the Ambassador, saw some old friends, and met with new people. I heard from some people FullSizeRender (17)who had attended the reception in the past that not much luck in terms of weather for this reception.  So we were very lucky!

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