I have checked out some audio books from the library in BC.  It is very convenient as I can listen while I am doing something else.  However, I have difficulty getting the structure of the reasoning and/or chart.  I recall I had little difficulty when I listened to other books such as Audacity of Hope by B. Obama (it was a great audio book and got me hooked), My Life by B. Clinton, World is Flat by T. Friedman and Steve Jobs.

On the other hand, when I listen to some books with complex reasoning and in particular, with some charts,  I feel that I am missing something, when listening to audio book.  Same holds true with e-books.  I read some books on Big Data & Data Scientist and had some difficulty visualizing the chart. I ended up checking out the “books” from the library to check some charts.  I may be ignorant of the way I can “read””listen” to audio books or e-books.  I would like to know how I can do.

Two findings from this experience.  Pictures & charts are very effective in conveying ideas simply.  They say so many things.  Main ideas of some papers or books can be captured by one or two charts.  It is convenient to have the chart with some explanation.  I have not learned how to do it with audio book or e-book, and would like to know how.

The other finding is that the comments I heard from some students when we discussed the decline of print media a few months ago.  Some people mentioned that they go back to print media such as newspapers in order to get one glimpse of the page.  I think it has been changed somewhat as we can now see the full page on screen, but I found the comments interesting.

We hear the difficulty of print media particularly in North America and Europe and some famous people bought the companies. What they will make of the “traditional” media remains to be seen, but fascinating one.