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News about politics i n many parts of the world including the US and Japan Japan are so chaotic, as they reflect the unprecedentedly absurd actions and such ambiguous announcement by the politicians.  I find myself sick of hearing/watching the crazy remarks and decided to stay away from “traditional” and “social” media.  So what do I do?  Watch sports?  With few sports now underway partly due to Covid-19, what else can I do?

My recent solution ideas are audiobook and Netflix.  I read books on Kindle, but audiobook is also good as I can do other things while listening. I recently finished “A Promised Land” by Barak Obama.. I really liked the book and his own narration.  I was quite impressed with the details he writes (I wonder how he keeps these details, probably he writes diary every day?).  I am also amazed how honestly  he seems to show his feelings.  (In several spots, I can tell he must be fuming!)

After a Promised Land, I am onto My Own Words  by Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  It is read not by RBG (except Introduction).  I am very much looking forward to it.

Another recent habit of mine is Netflix. Recently! I joined Netflix and started watching the shows.  Now I know why so many people watch Netflix as their shows(the ones I happen to watch)  are interesting, funny and exciting. I need to discipline myself not to spend too much time!  I often hear how we can make something (such as workout, reading etc.) a habit and now I need to discipline myself not falling into the habit of watching Netflix one after another!

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