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Right before I left Tokyo to come to Kauai, I was given the opportunity for the brief interview at NHK World.   It was on Abenomics–in particular, the third arrow and Women empowerment at the companies.  I left right after taping, and thus have not seen the show which was broadcast very late or very early on March 22 and 23.  Some friends of mine happened to watch the show and sent me a note.  I also heard from the anchor of the show that the information will be uploaded starting Tuesday, March 25.

As I heard that they will NOT edit the interview, so I tried to think of message to be given in 4 minutes (in English).  It was quite a challenge and I was not all sure what I ended up saying when we actually taped!

I now realize how much of  special skill is needed to give brief, to the point and catchy? remarks on TV.  I used to do 1-hour live show entitled “Innovation Live” at bbt757 in Japanese.  As the show was much longer, we could develop a story either by interviewing people and/or describing the company/event etc.  i.e. I did NOT have to have 4-minute brief message!  It was a totally different story, I realize. It was a good learning experience for me.

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