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Prime Minister Abe left for ASEAN countries this morning.   It is because of the great potential the region offers from economic points of view among other things.  Now that the growth rate has slowed in China, ASEAN countries are expected to serve as next growth engine of the world economy.

The topic we will discuss tomorrow, Friday, July 26, at the session #6 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, is to explore the potential of the two regions–ASEAN or Africa?  Africa is perceived to be the next growth region finally and there have been several promising projects (in particular, capacity & infrastructure building) underway.

We will discuss how we assess the attractiveness of the region, not only from the investment point of view, but also for our own activity.  Which would you go if you are interested in starting something new?  Is your choice ASEAN or Africa?

You can join us by registering through this website. We will hold the real event at Wilson Learning near Kamiyacho, Tokyo and also open up the virtual forum by using google hangout, connecting some people from Africa and hopefully from ASEAN.  If you are interested, but cannot make it to the venue, join us virtually by sending us email at

We also have on line poll going –choice between ASEAN or Africa.  Please vote by going down to the bottom of the website as above.  We will make our video archive available soon after the event, so you can check how our discussion goes.   Looking forward to seeing you either real or virtual, or through your vote tomorrow!  We will have networking event after the session and discuss what actions we should consider to change Japan during our September session. So join us!

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    • Yuko
    • August 4th, 2013

    I think that we, Japan should go into ASEAN and grow with ASEAN because Japan and ASEAN have shared history. Also, Japan and ASEAN are close geographically and forms one region. If we construct the same economic frame with ASEAN, it would become not only economic, but also diplomatic security.

    • yishikura
    • August 4th, 2013

    Yuko san, thanks for your comment. At the Davos…#6, more people voted for ASEAN. Please watch youtube if you have time. We had representative from Africa who shared detailed information of various countries in Africa. I think we simply do not have as much info. about Africa. Many possibilities..

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