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 I arrived in JFK Wednesday evening (December 8) from Amsterdam. Though the flight was shorter than the scheduled time, it took a whole hour to go through the immigration and the traffic from JFK to Manhattan was bad.  Driving through Manhattan with all the holiday decorations and spirits, however, made me feel how charming this city is  to me.  It is bitterly cold with the temperature below 30 F (freezing) with the wind chill factor of low 20s or high teens, but the city has such an appeal.

  After I dropped off my suitcase, I rushed to the Chinese cafe nearby to have supper with my young friend from Japan who is at Columbia University.  He brought along his friend and we had grea time talking about a variety of topics–from what they see in NYC, how they now see Japan in reference to the U.S. and NYC,  etc. It is always nice to get together with young generation who, I believe, will create the future.

  This morning (Wednesday) was another bitterly cold day (even worse than yesterday it felt), but the streets are full of people with shopping bags and every Starbucks store seems to be  packed with people who want to stay warm and work! (You can get free Wi-fi at Starbucks now and you see many people working on laptop or iPad!) I was one of those who worked there for 1. 5 hours over Grande skim latte, reviewing and revising the article based upon the interview I did few weeks ago. 

  I feel very relaxed in NYC as I can send off Fedex around the clock (I actually sent the document today)  and pick up the tickets to the concerts easily, etc.  It is a bit too cold for jogging around the Park (I went to the beautiful gym at Reebok instead) or just walking about .  But it is nice to see the trees on the street getting ready to be decorated for Christmas and many children in the stroller all bundled up. I am happy to be here.

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