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I arrived at Newark late afternoon on Thursday, April 6 (almost the same time as I left Tokyo due to time zone), to find it was raining. As I waited over an hour to go through passport control, by the time I was cleared with baggage etc. the rain stopped and rainbow showed up.
The traffic into Manhattan was quite bad and it took another hour to get to my place.
Even if I had luck to get a ticket to Zankell Hall as I had hoped, I would not have been able to make it. (I had been trying to call Carnegie Hall many times hoping I could get the ticket to the sold-out concert!)
It was much cooler than in Tokyo but was clearing up. I did my usual activities such as going for groceries next door, unpacking partially, going to sports club nearby etc.
By the time I finally felt settled, it was already 10 pm local time! In the meantime, various rather serious news were reported such as chemical weapons use in Syria, “nuclear” option taken for the supreme court judge confirmation, etc.
I slept about 8 hours onboard with dinner and two movies, and felt relaxed and rested when I arrived. But by 11:00 pm I was feeling the jet lag. It was a long day, but I am happy to be in my favourite city.

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