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Yesterday, Oct. 15 I arrived in Nice (6+hr flight from Dubai)  where I find the weather sunny and nice. It was the first time I am in this area.  I arrived at the venue in time to meet w panelists of the panel I was to moderate and talked briefly.  I met with some old friends such as Alan from the World Economic Forum and Nik of BBC, which was very nice.

i attended the town hall meeting where Nik moderated. I asked some questions and got into the mood for the type of interactive meeting.   The panel I moderated was entitled “Employment Challenge” and panelists were Edith from Air Liquid, Alain of Manpower, France and Hilary of Society Inside.  I finished my first role at Innovative City/Day One.   I also attended the following panel on Wellness and joined the discussion.

Feeling relieved, I came to Monaco with many others.  I had to wait for the shuttle which took me to the hotel Hermitage, one of the oldest hotels in Monaco.  It is a huge hotel where I was lost a few times.

I unpacked quickly to go to the gym after about 24 hour of flight. I found the note of invitation to casual dinner from my friend, and tried to find out whether I could walk to the restaurant.  After I got so confused about the directions, I decided to giver up the idea.

Instead, I decided to eat at the bar.  After consulting with the staff there and looking around what others were eating, I ended up with tomato/mozzarella salad and half clubhouse sandwich.  Salad was huge, and tomato tasted so good!  I now realize how fresh and sweet the tomato could be in this area.  With a glass of beer, I was ready to go to bed.  (Glad i decided not to go to dinner with friends, as there was no way for me to walk back to the hotel!)  I have not seen much of Monaco yet. (Will write more.) This has been a LONG day and I am glad that I made it OK!   .

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