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After leaving late at night from Tokyo,we arrived in Vancouver after some 8 hour fight. (As it departed late I had champagne and wine with some light snacks and slept about 4 hours with 2 movies!) We arrived ahead of schedule but had to wait for a while as our gate was not open yet.
I rented a car, and drove through Vancouver onto Whistler. The traffic was so bad that it took some 1 hour to drive through Vancouver. I checked in and arrived at my unit close to 8 pm.  It was happy surprise to find beautiful flowers on the dining table  My friend who had kept my golf bag etc. was kind enough to come by and we had a brief chat.
After that, I went for grocery shopping (grocery stores were just about to close, so I had to rush and try another place, too.) Now I cooked and had glass of wine with my dinner, I feel relaxed. It is already after midnight and I will start summer activities tomorrow. It is nice to be back in my summer chalet. It is quite cool at 50s?

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