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IMG_8784After 11+ hour flight from Haneda leaving after midnight, I arrived in Dubai, UAE. The flight was full (I heard from CA that it was rather unusual to have such full flight!) but comfortable. After having a glass of champagne and red wine with snack, I decided to watch 007 Spectre and went to sleep.(I watched most of it except last few minutes.)
View from roomFelt fine after some 8 hours of sleep, I had all my luggage and car taken care of at the airport by the Forum staff. (Almost the first time…)
I ran into a Japanese career woman whom I met a few years ago on the plane and then saw the French lady involved in the Forum program at the Dubai lounge. The French lady and I shared the car to the hotel and talked. It was a very interesting conversation. (This is one of the fun part  of coming to this type of  Forum.)
Checked in at the hotel (I am rather familiar with it as I stayed in the area several my roomtimes), hit the fitness gym to stretch. After big breakfast of Western, Arabic, Asian food, I feel relaxed. (I love breakfast buffet at the hotels as I get to try so many different foods!)
It is comfortable in Dubai as it is not too hot, but summer like. I walked along the beach and feel very relaxed. Now I have gone through details of the sessions I am supposed to be part of, in the next three days. I will practice my pechakucha talk at the Intelligence Report Conference tomorrow. Time to work!

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