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Finally hot/humid summer is coming to end and the new month of September just started. Many of you may feel that now is great time to start something new, as the year 2019 has mere four more months to go.  I agree that we can have good year if we start something exciting now.  But it will be no fun just to go to the same office/school as before.  If you are one of those who feel that you want to DO something, come join us on Friday, September 20 at Pivotal on the 20th floor of Roppongi Mori Tower bldg.  Pivotal office is very casual and makes you feel creative and imaginative (I visited last week and was very impressed.  It will be worth to visit their office for this session.)

On Friday, September 20, we will host SINCA expert/topic session with Dai Fujikura as our guest. Dai is composer/producer based in London, and his recent activities take him to various places in the world not only in Europe, but also the US. It is getting harder to catch up with him as he goes to so many places.  He comes to Japan quite often these few years and this time, he comes to produce Born Creative Festival 2019 (held on Saturday, September 28) at Tokyo MetropolitanTheatre.  This festival is in the third year and you get to hear “new sounds and music” from various parts of the world. (I went to the past two and always found it fun -and different!)

As the title of the SINCA session is “Unleash your creativity and imagination with the help of Dai”, we will ask participants to apply your new found creativity to the task.  After we hear Dai introduce what to expect at Born Creative Festival among other things, YOU are expected to apply your creativity and imagination to develop idea and plan to make this type of “new? music” accessible and available to the general public.  As a matter of fact, I myself found the broader and more exciting world of music and performing arts since I met with Dai several years ago through Global Agenda Seminar series.

Dai also composed four pieces for the upcoming movie “Listen to Universe” (in Japanese “Bee & Distant Thunder”, lovely book on piano competition) and one of them will be performed for the first time at Born Creative, according to his tweet. He is very inspiring and above all, fun to interact with.  So come join us on Friday, September 20.  Details of the event is here and registration can be made here. 

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