Are you satisfied with the lifestyle you lead?  In particular, are you happy about the home you live in?  Is it to your liking? If you are asked to make three wishes come true about your living environment, what would you wish?  In m case, I want my apartment stay comfortable to fit my preference regarding temperature, humidity, lighting etc. etc.  I tend to get cold and  want to make my apartment relatively warm, rather than freezing!)  I also want my lights to be turned off if I fall asleep while lights on.  I also want higher ceiling and bigger space (probably could not be resolved with AI, which is the topic of the Global Agenda Special seminar on Thursday, August 29, as informed earlier on this blog

This is the special seminar (conducted in English) open to anybody interested in the topic.  Our guest speaker is Dr. Ashtoush Saxena, expert in robotics and AI, co-founder of Caspar ai, which is specialized in making the house to be adapted to you. The seminar is scheduled from 19:30 pm (registration starts at 19:00) and Saxena san will make presentation, followed by discussion with me and question and answer session with the floor.

His initial motivation to apply AI to house is so interesting that it encourages any one of us to try new ideas if we are not satisfied with what we have.  (Smart speaker he and his room mate had did not function as they wanted, so he decided to make better one!)  He was selected as one of Under 35 Innovators by MIT..

It will be nice if your home adapts lighting etc. and makes sure it is secure, learning your lifestyle.  The issue is how we maintain privacy when data on our lifestyle is captured in this system and stored.  Living space is quite intimate and nobody wants others to have access to it.  We will discuss these issues, which seems to bring tradeoff to the convenience and comfortable life.  Join us on August 29 (it is next week!) and find out how AI is applied to our lifestyle!  Here are the details.