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It is now the seventh day of 10-day super Golden Week holidays.  I wonder if I am the only one that is a bit bored of holidays. Unless you go on the trip,  and/or have events very often in the past 6 days,  you may be a bit bored and wonder what to do with yourself. (In my case, I came back from 10-day overseas business trip and had busy days before the 10-day break started, and thus did not plan to go away or events. Besides, I was busy following up the activities I left during my trip and preparing for the speech I was scheduled to give in Estonia right after the holidays! After some considerations of difficulties of travel plan with my tight schedule, I finally declined to go to Estonia yesterday -though hopefully participate via skype or some technological means.)  If you are one of those who are a bit lost in the 10-day holidays, how about finding out more about Global Agenda Seminar series 2019 which will start in June.

Global Agenda Seminar series began in 2010 and have run every year (except 2011). It is a seminar series done in English, for the people interested in making the global space as their venue for activities.  I have been a facilitator of series and have enjoyed working with young people full of energy with high aspirations.  GAS 2019 start in June and continue until September with a fixed group of members who meet for 3 hours on 5 weekends.  The title of this year’s series is Working across Differences.  As Japan is mature with shrinking working population, more opportunities will be available in the global space-both real and virtual.  When your activities expand to the global space, you are bound to interact with people of different cultures, backgrounds, ways of thinking etc. etc.  It is indispensable for those to have skills and experiences of working across differences.  As many of us do not get opportunities to do so, we are trying to offer opportunities to learn some tips about and to have actual experiences of working across differences this year.

For our second session, we will have Shunsuke Karasaw, Executive VP in charge of Culture and People at Mercari.  From my past experiences, quite a few past participants of GAS changed the jobs, started their own business and/or went overseas for new opportunities.  You can find out the career history of the past GAS participants in the past blog entries of mine this past week.  GAS appears to provide opportunity for participants to reflect their own career, benchmark their own skills/experiences again other participants and to start designing their own career and lifestyle. Details about the seminar can be found here.  Deadline for application is on May 13.  I personally think that writing application form for graduate programs, job hunting or others almost forces us to reflect our own career/life and serves as trigger to start designing our own life. So why not use the rest of the super Golden Week and start writing the application form?    Here is my blog entry of the Trial session conducted on April 26, right before the super Golden Week.  We will be waiting for your application and for joining us at GAS 2019.

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