We began new initiative, SINCA-Sharing Innovative & Creative Actions- series last year. With launch event in September, trial sessions with other organizations in October and November, and new category of “Startup session” in November, we are very much looking forward to the next step of SINCA in 2019.  Though we initiated Global Agenda Seminar series since 2010 and Davos Experience in Tokyo series since 2013, starting new initiative in the environment somewhat different from before was quite a challenge for us. It is mainly due to the transformation taking place in the data/information environment we face today.

The amount of information available and accessible to us has been increasing at exponential pace, media have become diversified and fragmented, with social media capturing our attention.  In this environment, government, companies and organizations seem to have struggled to explore the ways to effectively respond and react.  No wonder, individuals may be quite at a loss as to how to address the issues of data, in particular, use of personal information.

This is exactly why we chose the topic of “Power of data and media” for our first session of SINCA on Friday, January 25. We will have three experts with extensive experience in journalism in Japan as well as overseas and will have discussion on the role of media, power of information, and what individuals should be aware of.  We will also discuss whether there is significant difference between the attitude and behavior toward data and media in Japan and elsewhere in the world. (I do feel that the distance between Japan and the rest of the world is becoming farther on this issue.)  It will be on Friday, January 25, 2019.  The venue is conference room at Kotohira tower in Toranomon.  After the discussion/debate, we will have networking session with food and drinks as usual. (Let us have exciting and fun session as last time.-see photo on the left)   Facebook event page is already set up and you can register through Peatix.  We will keep updating the information as we still have over a month before the session. We may ask for your comments and questions you want to explore during the session.  For now, mark your calendar for Jan. 25 and register through Peatix. (Some have already registered.)