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This past week, my schedule was not as hectic as the two weeks before then. Though I had quite a few meetings-board, preparation for seminar series, KMD, interview etc. I felt that I had control over what I do.
In fact, I was able to try Rez Infinite VR version and saw Yayoi Kusama’s My eternal soul, two things which I wanted to do for myself. I also had decent sleep as I had no midnight teleconference…
I realize how important to have a sense of control over how I spend my own time. I recall that there are three things whose acute shortage changes your personality–time, health and money. Out of the three, I think time can be most relevant today. We are in such fast-paced world and easily feel that we are constantly behind. I want to maintain the sense of control…

There was an article in today’s Nikkei which says  that “doing nothing” is vacation for her.  (I agree…)

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