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The number of newly infected in Tokyo hit 100 today for the first time.  There have been some talks on lock down and special emergency declaration.  Judging from how outbreak follows exponential growth pattern in other major cities such as New York City, I feel we are on the verge of something similar.  Though people do not seem to feel such urgency found in media overseas, there has been some change in how the air feels since Ken Shimura, well liked actor, passed away of coronavirus in little less than 2 weeks.  All of a sudden, people seem to start feeling that it can happen to them.

Compared with the scenes of hospitals and the story by the medical staff in New York who struggle to keep working at their job of saving patients, AND to keep their families safe at home, Japan does not have (or report) stories about healthcare staff who must have as tough time as those elsewhere.  This difference may reflect how journalism is taught and conducted.  I recall the session we did for Global Agenda Seminar series a while ago with the journalist who shared his experience of how journalism is taught and what are the key differences between how reporting is done in the US and in Japan.  Journalism has changed a lot with social media (and in particular, heavy politicizing of media?) since then, but difference still remains, it seems.  I have a bit more on this point, but it needs to be developed further.  Will come back again.

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