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I heard English news podcast this morning that some people are having mental health issues as they are too driven/controlled by exercise/health apps on their smartphone. It goes something like this.  There are so many health/exercise apps which track our activities-whether it is cardio, standing, etc. etc.  Some people get very concerned and anxious if they cannot achieve their daily/weekly goal they set.  The headline says something like “mental health from physical health?”

I was interested in this because I tend to follow daily workout schedule day in and day out (I often say that I workout 360 days out of the year!) and had thought I could be one of those that are driven to follow the discipline!  I do not get depressed when I do not accomplish my daily workout every single day, but at the same time, I am one of those who get up VERY early in the morning to fit in my workout schedule if I need to leave early for the day.  (4:00 am or 4:30 am particularly when I am overseas..)

I use activity ring of Apple Watch and try to attain the goal every day!  Thus, when I find my move is not enough for the day (it is much easier to accomplish exercise and standing goal), I fast walk in my room or do some simple exercise to make sure that I achieve Move goal!

It is important to discipline yourself to follow certain routine (particularly so for exercise, as it takes time to build stamina and be in shape) but not to the extent to feel depressed.  It seems it is one of those examples that we become subject to apps, and be managed, rather than manage…)

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