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As I wrote yesterday,  the 50th St. Gallen Symposium is scheduled for May, 2020 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The topic of the 50th symposium is “Freedom Revisited.”  If you write the essay on the topic and apply for the essay competition, you may be selected o attend the symposium in May as leader of tomorrow. There are some qualifications to apply such as currently enrolled in graduate or postgraduate program in any field of study at a regular university. You also need to be born in 1990 or later. As long as you are qualified, you can enter as it is open to anybody anywhere in the world.

As we discussed at the panel I moderated at St. Gallen Tokyo reception, this topic is quite broad, abstract and philosophical.  You can address the topic from many different aspects.

When I read details about the topic first time as I had prepared for the panel, I was quite overwhelmed.   It is not something relatively simple and relevant to our daily life and era, Rather it reflects dilemma and uncertainties we face today in the world.

As I think about it, the topic give us good opportunity to think hard about the issues we face and how we can resolve them.  Details about the symposium can be found here.  For essay competition, here are the details.  The deadline is Feb. 1, 2020,  two months away from now.  You can think about the topic over the holidays and apply.


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