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0922Banner4_en Global Agenda Seminar 2015 series will be held at Roppongi Academy Hills, every Sunday for 5 weeks, starting on November 8. This series began in 2010 and every year, we design the format almost from zero, with the change in the market and feedback from past participants and others.

This year, we have changed the format from previous years and have divided GAS into two parts.
The part 2 -this intensive 5-day series- will be a series of workshop sessions entitled “How you market yourself?” where I serve as the facilitator. There will be five 2-hour sessions on Sundays from November 8 through December 6. For the first, third and fifth sessions, networking get-together will be held (optional.)  Participants are expected to practice each step of self branding over the course of 5 days.
Now application for the part 2(series) is open with details of the sessions. If you are interested in details and application, please follow this link. Now you can email your application in English. (The Academy Hills website does not accept entry application in English, but you can send email if you are interested in applying.)

The part 1 of GAS2015 consists of four special seminar sessions held independently. You can join any one as in the regular one-shot seminar. We already had two-the first in June with Prof. Videla of ISE and the second on September 14 with Mr. David Atkinson. As for the GAS special session #3, it will be held on Friday, October 8, with Mr. Ajab Samrai as I posted yesterday.  Creative branding of yourself may be very relevant to the self marketing, topic of GAS2015 Part 2.

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