At he upcoming APO Productivity Talk, on June 30, I will give a talk and join the discussion in the afternoon.  It will be online and in English.  This is a part of APO Productivity Talk series, and my topic would be on service industry. The title is “How can the Service Industry recover from the Covid-19 crisis?

Specific topics include how the pandemic is changing lifestyles of consumers, what kind of expectations will people have from service in the with-Covid-19 era, ie. the new normal in the service sector will be, and how service enterprises can adapt to the changes while improving productivity from the mid- and long-term perspectives. This is quite broad and has variety of aspects that we can focus. At the same time, very relevant to many companies.

I am now collecting information on lifestyle change, expectations, and creative way for companies to respond.  As things are moving very quickly almost day by day., it is challenging to prepare outline and slides, etc., (I may end up revising often)

I feel very honored to be given this opportunity and am very much looking forward to the interaction with many people from different parts of the world.  Here is the link to the Talk.