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This coming Thursday, July 28, Merry Tokyo to Rio 2016-2010 is held at the Brazilian embassy. It will start at 1:00 pm in the afternoon and will continue until the evening.
I have collaborated with Kazuki Yamada, conductor and Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo for the past few months and one of the projects we are involved is “Anthem Project.” Anthem project is the initiative to link Rio Olympics/Paralympics starting in a few weeks to 2020 Tokyo Olympics with music, specifically, the national anthem and the “second” national anthem (i.e. favourite and well known song from the country) and link the divided world of today. The project itself will last for a few years in the form of concert, workshop,  recording etc.
IMG_0584I contacted some people last month for this event. For  “Anthem project” which is much broad in scope and time horizon-we are shooting for four years and beyond!, official meeting with management and record company people began on July 1 to discuss details. In fact, while I was in British Columbia, I spent some time communicating with the members via skype and phone!
As the trial event of this Anthem project on Thurday, July 28, Kazuki will conduct national anthem of Brazil and few other well known songs with selected members of the Chorus group at 1:30 pm. It will be fun event and details are available here.   (I changed my itinerary to make sure I attend!)

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