I spent two days in a row, editing video.  Yesterday, was for the SINCA debate and today was GAS Talk.  For SINCA, I realized that just editing the video of the session is not too exciting (from now on, I need to think about what to do with the regular SINCA sessions, as I feel that it is not worth time and energy to record zoom session and edit.

As the  session on Sunday was pre-debate session where I gave outline of what debate is, how to prepare etc., using many slides, I decided to make much shorter version focusing on main points.  I also wanted to incorporate the questions raised by the participants as they are very relevant to the elements of debate.

This decision was easy to make, but actual work of preparing it turned out to be quite a challenge.  I collapsed the original slide file to reduce the number of slides, added some slides covering questions and responses.  It meant I needed to go over the slide file we used on Sunday, take some out, revise some and add more.  It took a while to do all this.

In addition, my original plan of using zoom with sharing slides while I explain, did not work.  (I had some troubler sharing slides before, but the same thing happened! yesterday.)  So all in all, I spent several hours preparing the video with slides.

That was NOT the end of the story!  I could not upload the video (I made iMovie) to YouTube.  (Probably because the line was so busy late in the evening, the speed was so slow!)  I kept it on, but when I woke up this morning, it was not done yet!  (I was up before 5 am!)

I tried it again and finally it was uploaded!  I have  wanted to develop video editing skills for some time, but with all other courses I am learning, it needs to wait a bit longer!

You can watch You tube through this link.