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I have set up several programs for myself to do for the summer of 2020, as I am staying in Tokyo unlike other years.  I added another challenge today and see whether I can use this summer to launch my new routine.  That is, to read books.  I happen to find three practices  by Bill Gates.

Three things that Bill Gates suggests are 1. Take side notes to engage with what you read. 2 Pick intentionally, and finish all books you read. and 3. Make reading a bedtime ritual to have an undistracted reading hour.

The biggest challenge for me is 3. as I fall asleep almost immediately when I am ready to go to bed.  But I figured that the important thing is “undistracted reading hour” and it does not have to be “bedtime ritual.”  So I am experimenting with the hour  in the morning.  Whenever I find good suggestions, I try it immediately as I know I will forget in a day or two.

So I tried it today.  I was reading John Maeds’s book, “How to speak machine.” so I decided to finish that one first. (I was aware of the suggestion No. 2 above.)  I managed to spend little more than an hour this morning and finish John Maeda’s book.  I also wanted to read some of Yoichi Ochiai’s book as I was quite inspired by seeing his show at Shibuya Modi yesterday.  The only trouble was I did not recall whether I bought paper version or kindle.  After I checked all the books in the paper form I had, I realized it was in my Kindle. So I can start Ochiai’s book, probably tomorrow.  In the meantime, I found quite a few books in paper form that I had bought but had not got around to read them yet So I can also practice No. 2 by Gates.

I have every intention to continue this practice.

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