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From July 1, annual meeting of New Champions (often called Summer Davos) is held in Dalian China.  Last year, I was invited and attended the one in Tianjin, (missing the first part of the forum and one meeting where I was supposed to participate), which was held in early September.  This year, I decided to follow livestream and other things (I am not invited..)

I want to find out how discussion proceed particularly after G20 summit in Osaka where President Trump made quite a few surprising announcement.  (not to mention the meeting with Kim Jong Un at DMZ!)

US China trade friction is still alive, probably tariff may have been delayed for some time, Huawei is still on the list etc.  Demonstrations in Hong Kong and how to deal with North Korea may be still on the agenda.  You can watch many livestreaming events and reports prepared for this meeting.

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