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Today, December 25, was another busy day for me (busier than I had expected due to a bit of incident.)  It is Christmas Day and I had thought not too many people would come to medical check up on Christmas Day, but I was wrong.  When I got to the clinic where medical check up is done (I have gone to the same place over 2 decades!), it was packed.  (I heard that they have some 80 people in the morning, and fewer in the afternoon.)

As you are not supposed to eat anything before the check up, I was looking forward to having Grande Latte right after the check up is finished (it usually is finished in 2.5 hrs or so, and Latte tastes out of this world!)  The gastroscope, however, indicated that I needed to have biopsy (which did not hurt at all, though the test itself was quite a challenge) and I could not eat/drink for over 1.5 hours after I was finished. According to the doctor who explained the procedure, it did not seem I will have a problem, but it was something unexpected and I had to change plans etc.

I had planned to go to Christmas mass at St. Ignatius (I usually go to mass on Christmas Day whenever I am overseas) as I realized that I could go to mass after the check up and grande latte and before the meeting I have in the afternoon. I am not supposed to have something spicy to eat, alcohol and hard exercise for two days.  It indicates that something that you do not expect does happen and you need to change your plans quick.  (Besides I forgot to bring additional health insurance card.  If I did not have this extra test, I would have been OK.)

Overall result of blood test was OK, (it was very quick as I was able to talk with the doctor within an hour or so.!)  I can now access the apps to find out the result of other tests much sooner than before. Technology is slowly, but steadily progressing in this field??

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