yoko4th I am now at the Dubai airport lounge getting ready to fly back home. As I reflect the past three days I spent in Dubai, I cannot thank organizers and others involved in the Intelligence Report Conference on Monday and Global Women’s Forum in Dubai on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Intelligence Report Conference gave me some glimpse of the issues SMEs are faced with and also gave me great opportunity to relate our Future of Jobs report (WEF) -New work and new skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the opportunities for SMEs. (It was a great opportunity to practice clear message in pechakucha style!)

Global Women’s Forum to me was full of new insights and great inspirations.  Remarks by the distinguished group of speakers DGW0795-150x150and the bold vision (such as Mars program) and progress I found in Dubai and UAE (in the past several years) gave me the new energy and hope.    I am so grateful that I have been given such opportunity and I want to share my excitement and lessons learned with many more people.