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wfsc_mainvisualToday (October 20) was the first day of the Tokyo plenary of World Forum on Sports and Culture, organised by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology and sponsored by the World Economic Forum.
I attended the plenary session where six keynote addresses were given by the presidents of Tokyo Organizating Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, of International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Chairman of World Rugby and Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF.  Prime Minister Abe gave a video taped address at the beginning. It was followed by the panel discussion (series of short speeches, to be exact) by the Minister and business leaders.

What impressed me most was the Cultural Event at the end of the day. It was entitled “The Land of Rising Sun” and absolutely fascinating. Creative and innovative mix of traditional and contemporary/digital art directed and performed by very talented people.  I was so overwhelmed and was convinced that we have so much talent not only in sports but also in culture.  The show was worth so amazing that I almost forgot the series of long addresses that preceded it. #wfsc

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