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I sometimes feel I am going crazy, because I seem to go back and forth between two completely different worlds. One is the world changing very fast with fundamental transformations  taking place (and naturally, quite confusing as many traditional thinking and approach had no place), and the other is the world which does not seem to have changed at all over the decades. What perplexes me even more is that they exist almost side by side.  So I feel very confused trying to figure out which world I am in and even more so when crossing boundaries of the two worlds.

When I am with people who are interested and excited about tremendous potential and possibilities enabled by the technologies, I feel almost anything can be done, though we may struggled in the process. On the other hand, when I am with people working for the established companies and traditional industries, I feel very out of place, though they seem to be stable, secure and rather calm.

I feel that the latter needs to feel threatened and desperate, and yet, it is the former who seem to be paranoia and feel the sense of urgency, so to speak.  As far as I know, it is the other way round.

For me, I feel more comfortable being with the people of the former group even though it sometimes gets scary and overwhelming. Can you guess how I feel when I am with the people in the latter group? In a way, I feel like Martian…

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