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I am MBA class of 1980! from Darden School of University of Virginia.  I received a great news that I was selected to be one of the ten Darden Alumni to be honored in the 2012 Alumni Showcase. I heard that I was selected from a collection of over 30 students’, faculty’s, and alumni’s nominees and my name and biography is now displayed in the Darden’s Saunders Hall for the next two years.

920120_10151657156621189_1920797193_oWall pic2 I feel very honored to be selected, as I learned a lot at Darden School.  I was even happier as I received the photo of my showcase display from one of the students at Darden I met before.(see right photo on the left). When my young friend I met at St. Gallen Symposium few years ago saw my blog entry, he happened to be at Darden School for the conference and took the photo there. (right photo on the left)  It was such a happy coincidence and I was so happy!   Here is the pdf of my profile Prof Yoko Ishikura

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