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This evening, I went to see the show Alladdin by Shiki Theatre group. I saw the show when it opened a while ago and thus this was the second time. I chose this show as a part of the donation I made to the group. (In fact, I rushed to see the show as I made a mistake that my ticket expires at the end of this year -it was 2021!).

It was the fun show and I enjoyed it.  What impressed me most was the happy smile of the actors in that they are so happy to be able to perform.  The theater was completely full.  I also found that there are quite a few people who seem to come so often to the show  in the front part of the theater.  They seemed to know when to applaud and with  good rhythm.

I was very happy that the artists and the audience were so together in their spirit.


I was also impressed as I received a note from the theatre group to following up, requesting to register for tracing purpose. It was so quick and well thought out.

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