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This evening, I went to IDEO Tokyo + D4V party at their office in Omote Sando.  This is the second time I visited their office (they moved last year about the same time, I believe and I went to the new office party.)  It was nice to see quite a few friends and I met with some young people who introduced them as they came to the seminar/brainstorming session I hosted and/or have heard of me from friends. I learned quite a few things as to what they do.

I also tried self? video, playing musical instrument.  I tried violin (they had trumpet, guitar and violin available) and acted as if I was expert! (I took video of me playing like the photo on the left, but I cannot post video on this blog!)

It was fun.  I left after about  1.5 hours, when the party was still going strong!  Fun way to end the week!  Thanks for the invitation and fun time as always.

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