Today was the day of All Sophian’s Festival 2019.  This is one day event for students and alumni of Sophia university as well as people who may be interested in the university (I believe.) It was a sunny day like summer and many performances took place  at the center stage of Sophia campus.

I joined the panel entitled “World is your oyster. Skills etc. for having fun in the global space” (This is my translation….) with Keiichi Toyoda, chair of ASF 2019 executive committee and Chikara Funabashi, in charge of Tobitate Japan at Ministry of Education.  Both of them are much younger than I am, but not as young as “students” and so called “young generation.”  We shared our own experiences and background.  As both panelists are much younger than I am and spent time overseas when they were very young, their experience seemed to be quite different from mine.  (After all, my first exposure to overseas was my junior year in college.)

I thought it was quite interesting as the people, mentality and atmosphere of three events I attended three days in a row-IDEO reception, MBI reunion family day and ASF – seemed to be quite different.  (I may write some more on this in the future.)

After the panel, I looked for people of wine get-together and found them at SJ garden.  Quite a few from my generation were there and it was nice to see some of them after many years.

I think this is just about the third time I participated in ASF, but nice event on nice day in May. I am grateful for the opportunity.