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 I have been taking Aikido class over the past few years.  When I was in New York City, my stepson asked me whether it would work as self defense.  I said, “Yes” and we decided to give a try. 

  He tried to attack me and I tried to use one of the techniques I have learned to defend myself and get him away.  It did not quite work, as he is quite strong and used to wrestle. 

  This morning, I went to Aikido class and there were just four men in addition to the two instructors.  (We have a few ladies, but they were not there this morning.)  I practiced with men and it was quite tough.   I was almost out of breath by the time we finished 1-hour class. 

  Despite all that, I do love my Aikido class and feel so refreshed right after that.  I am usually sore few hours after the class and the next day.  But it is a great way to concentrate and at the same time to build some physical stamina.  Probably, if I keep on taking the class, I will be able to use it for self defense!

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