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  Winter term for Aikido ended this past weekend. In our last class, there were just four students and two instructors. It means that we practise for 60 minutes solid!  As I attended all the class sessions this term (I did not travel at all  in the past three months, and thus did not miss any class for the first time!)  I feel that I am getting hooked. 

  I feel that sports seem to involve natural movements if you become good at it.  i.e.  If you can do without  thinking about each movement (what do I do next, where shall I put my hand, which finger, etc. etc.) ,  it feels so natural and smooth.  It feels that the natural flow leads you, which is great. 

  I feel so refreshed and energized during and right after the class. All my frustrations and headaches I have felt during the week (in particular, these few months have been a bit stressful) go away. I am full of energy and ready to attack the world!  This is the feeling that you really do not get often.  (In an hour or so, I am almost dead, however, as the physical fatigue takes over psychological euphoria!)

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