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 I go to Aikido class every Sunday morning.  I have been taking lessons quite some time.  I always wanted to learn some martial arts and preferably the one which does not require too many equipment.  I also saw that tall non-Japanese man could not do anything to one of Aikido masters who seem to use little “power” several decades ago and was totally fascinated.   I started late (there are many young students taking the class) and thus, my sole objective is to continue, rather than going to the advanced class etc.

I do love Aikido as I have been interested in breathing “KIKO” (benefit of breathing?) and took weekend intensive class many years ago.  (It was the school where you can learn how to use your own natural power through breathing. As I learned this technique, I have had much less stiff shoulders and jet lag.  (The first few months I learned Kiko was so impressive, as I could feel such a difference.)  I still do breathing KIKO briefly every morning.

Aikido means matching your KI with the opponent/partner in that you use their power? and not yours.  As I go to class, I always learn something new.  It looks simple, but there are so many subtle movements and the way you move. I just realize that I have so many blog posts on Aikido. I became friends with many in class, though they tend to leave Japan after a while.

This morning I was the only student (adult class tends to be small, and my friend missed the class two weeks in a row.)  I learned many new things one on one from Paul sensei who is so good to explain.  Recently he shoots video of our movement with iPhone and shows our movement on the spot.  It is a great way to see how we move.

I also like the fact that you need total concentration when you practice, because if your mind is somewhere else, you can hurt yourself.  It is also very nice to throw and get thrown as you get anything staying in your system out.

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