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Today I had the first private lesson of Aikido. I used to go to the class on Saturday and Sunday, but stopped Saturday class. It was because nobody but me signed up for the early morning class and I did not want to come to the class with high school students. They have so much energy and improve so quickly that I realized that I could not keep up. Besides, Aikido two days in a row, was getting a bit too much for me.
So now I go to the adult basic class on Sunday, which I enjoy very much. I realized that I paid for the course earlier, and the instructor suggested that I could take private lessons or join the course. I wanted to take private lessons, but did not find time to do so, until now.
As there are spring intensive courses underway, I asked instructors whether I could take private lessons during the time the spring course is on. So I signed up for four private lessons and today was the first one.
It was very good for me as I was able to practice basic techniques with detailed instruction from the instructor. I was quite tired (it hits you after about half an hour) but managed to go to the meeting afterwards.
Regarding the daily exercise, it seems many people find it more of a discipline/something they HAVE to do.  In fact,  we were talking about how we continue jogging/workout etc. over dinner.  My friends said that they had to push themselves to do it by convincing themselves how great they would feel afterwards, how good beer tastes afterwards, etc. In my case, I DO like it and thus I need no convincing. So I am very much looking forward to the rest of my private lessons. Besides, I completely forgot about my stiff neck! It was gone! (though it is now back…)

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