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Every Sunday morning, I go to Aikido class for one hour. My instructors are from Canada and the class is at the Tokyo American Club. Some people wonder why I learn Aikido, Japanese martial arts from Canadians at the American Club!. My answer is simple. That was where I found about the Aikido class for adults. So as soon as I found there was an opening, I signed up and went to the first class.

Since then (it was several years ago-I even forgot exactly when),  I have been continuing  the class. (I took one term off last year as I hurt my lower back elsewhere and could not do Aikido.  It was so depressing.)

I always wanted to do some martial arts and preferably the one that does not require too many equipment. Aikido is it!
In addition I became interested in KIKO (breathing)  and thus AIkido which uses “Ki.”

I love Aikido and learning it because of several reasons.
1. I like to learn new things.
2. It requires total concentration and thus, you forget about everything else during the class.
3. When you do any technique right, it is such a natural movement.
4. I like to throw people! (I get thrown, too.)
5. It gives me so much energy. (Right after the class, I feel I am re-energized.)

Though I feel very tired in a few hours (i.e. late Sunday afternoon), and am usually sore the next day, I love it and plan to continue as long as I can.

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