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The phase 2 of the Aikido weapons class began last  Saturday, May 19.   In the phase 1 of the weapons class, we used  BOKKEN, wooden sword.  As I had  Orientation for KMD that weekend, I missed the first class of BOKKEN.  As I joined the second  session, I had a hard time following  various techniques.  In the third session, the instructors realized that I was quite lost and confused, and offered me the opportunity to learn 1-1 with the instructor,  practicing basic techniques.    1-1 session helped me very  much, though I had to miss  two other sessions.   Though I do like the BOKKEN class, I am still quite lost and need much more practice.

As for the JO class, I enjoyed the first session.  It does not involve any throwing and being thrown away, i.e. physically much less hard than the regular Aikido class,  but I was quite physically tired after the class.

I had thought I got the basic technique.  What was shocking to me,  however, was that I could not remember one of the basic techniques two days later when I tried to practice the movement.!

Children learn the techniques very easily, but when you grow up , it becomes quite challenging  to learn the new techniques, probably anything NEW!

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