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After some 5.5 months of break due to Covid-19, Aikido class has resumed.  I go to the class Sunday morning and enjoyed the first class  very much last week.  Another student that took the course last semester (until early March) left Japan.   Non Japanese people that take the course tend to leave Japan after a while, so I usually miss them when they leave. We have one more high school student? in class. So two students for two instructors! Almost private lesson.

Because we cannot practice in pairs too much due to Covid-19, we do many basic steps/moves with social distancing.  We also wear masks during the lesson.  I had a hard time keeping the mask on last week when we started after such long break and I was out of breath here and there.

Today, however, I felt much better with mask and the steps/moves.  We did more throwing and getting thrown today, but I did not feel too exhausted.  (I may be so sore tomorrow!)

I love Aikido class as it requires total concentration and thus forget everything else (sometimes I do have a lot of worries etc.). Throwing people and even getting thrown feels good as you get things out of your system.

The only issue now is that I need to take a shower quickly after the class and rush back home so that I can host Online Idobata session with friends.  (We used to have it at 11:00 every Sunday, but I asked for the time change to 11:30. ) So far it seems to be working.   So I am getting back to New Normal Sunday.

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