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FullSizeRender (43) Weekend I have longed for began with Aikido class at 8:00 a.m. with many high school students. It was a watching day for people interested (some families come). I managed to finish without injuries, though came close to hurting (still pending, but not broken, I hope) big finger of my right foot.
I rushed back home, took a shower and went to the annual luncheon in Odaiba, with people who used to work for Panasonic US many years ago. (My late husband worked at Panasonic and I get invited to this annual luncheon.) It is always nice to see people and find out what they are up to. Majority of them are retired, but are having fun life doing what they want to do, whether that is drawing, music, sports, travel etc. (I believe their life style of doing what they want to do has been developed as they spent considerable time in the US. They have free spirit!, which is wonderful.)
IMG_0039After nice Chinese lunch, we moved to Panasonic Center nearby and fun conversation continued. Some stayed for the tour of the facilities, but I left to go to see All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Budokan. I made it in the last hour or so and was quite overwhelmed by the number of people! Aikido is quite popular….
Though I am quite physically tired as I had 4.5 hour sleep last night, I feel refreshed. It was a nice way to spend Saturday…

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